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At Domos, we view real estate differently. Our projects are unique coliving investment opportunities that breathe new life into under-served communities across many of our most vibrant cities. 


what is

Coliving is at the forefront of an innovative industry shift. Domos coliving offers investors a unique and strategic advantage because of their 30+ years of experience in real estate investing, along with a proven track record within the space.

Coliving combines private living spaces with shared amenities and common areas. The idea behind coliving is that renters share these areas, such as living spaces and kitchens, in order to accommodate more renters on a single-floor plan.

Coliving represents a powerful growing market with attractive opportunities. People spend too much of their income on rent with not enough to show for it. Domos Coliving offers a more efficient lifestyle for a more affordable price.


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At Domos, we value our partnerships. As our community of coliving continues to grow and thrive, so do our connections.


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Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects unveil 410 North Rossmore renderings in California

Domos Rossmore LLC has concluded the second phase of the 410 North Rossmore project with the completion of new architectural renderings of the building. Domos …

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