Co-living is a market solution to the challenge of urban living and real estate investing.

Leveraging the power of inclusion, while promoting creativity and networking, our communities provide high-quality amenities at a lower cost.

What is co-living?

At Domos Coliving™ we see co-living as a modern take on a proven idea. We are simply adapting the philosophy of community living into today’s modern urban environment, and by doing so, extending the benefits of this efficient living situation onto both investors and tenants. While each residence includes fully private bedroom spaces, tenants have shared living areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.
As emerging generations embrace creativity and community, living situations should follow suit. Co-living renters surround themselves with like-minded individuals that not only share the living space, but share interests, aspirations and intentions. All units are furnished with class-leading appliances, comfort goods and amenities, making it easy for renters to find high-quality attainable housing that is convenient, comfortable, and community-driven.

Live together. Live more.

Making quality housing attainable leads to better renters and better results for real estate investors.




Outdoor terraces and pools


EV charging stations


Secure bike storage


Fitness center and yoga studio


Majority ensuite bathrooms


Extra soundproofing


Oversized kitchens


Co-working space


High speed Wi-Fi

Today’s powerful opportunity in co-living

Co-living represents a powerful and growing market with attractive opportunities


Nearly 50% of renters spend 30% or more of their income on rent1


of rent growth has outpaced wage growth



million adults in the U.S. live with roommates



of new rental supply since 2012 has been luxury



of renter households can afford co-living rents

1 Census: Apartment List Calculations 2016

Over 60% of renter households are ideal targets for co-living2




The gap between real median rents and real household income is at its highest point in history2






The Domos difference

Committed to developing vibrant co-living communities in Federal Opportunity Zones, Domos Coliving™ is at the forefront of an innovative asset class. Domos Coliving™ is exceptionally positioned to offer investors a strategic advantage with over 30 years of experience in real estate investing and a proven track record within the space.

With co-living, residents have private bedrooms and share common spaces such as living rooms, kitchens and gardens. Domos Coliving™ seeks to create quality living spaces in prime locations at affordable prices to relive pressure on urban sprawl and infrastructure as communities continue to grow. Our communities will feature top of the line amenities at an average of what can be 20% cheaper than traditional renting situations.

Our investor benefit is two-fold: The co-living model not only offers a higher net income per square foot, but also by targeting a broader target market with fewer housing options, co-living is more resistant to a downturn than traditional multi family. While residents do in fact pay less for a unit, developers can fit many more units into a building, resulting in a greater overall return.

With our investments, we create a community where residents can benefit from the affordability and social interactions offered in a co-living format. Co-living brings down the average cost of living for the tenant by sharing lower utilization areas with a larger community and increasing the volume of residential space.

The co-living advantage
Co-living combines private living spaces with shared amenities and common areas. The idea behind co-living spaces is that renters share areas such as living spaces and kitchens in order to accommodate more renters on a single floor plan. This creates higher revenue opportunities for developers and lower cost of living for renters as the cost of shared spaces is amortized over a greater number of bedrooms than in a traditional residential development.


Advantages of co-living

  • Affordable, housing within curated community
  • Forward thinking floor plans
  • Reduced economic footprint
  • Social and community activation


Domos’ co-living spaces with use high-spec design and technology to increase space utilization, creating homes that are both economically and socially sustainable.




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