About Domos Coliving

Domos Coliving™ stands for this feeling of home—bettering and improving the lives and communities where we invest and build.

At Domos Coliving™, we view real estate differently. With a commitment to standing confidently at the intersection of financial and social value, the projects we pursue are not only unique co-living investment opportunities, but ones that revive and breathe new life into underserved communities across many of our most vibrant cities. We are forward-thinking developers focused on building communities for the way people live in the 21st century, which means incorporating PropTech and sustainable eco-friendly design into all of our projects.


Created when Real Estate Asset Partners and Civitas Communities identified the parallels in their collective mission within co-living development and investment, Domos Coliving™ has over 30 years of cumulative experience. With an unrivaled track record of offering high-quality attainable housing, we provide investors with attractive returns while improving the nation’s urban centers.


By offering the ability to invest in the intersection of Co-Living + Opportunity Zones while simultaneously providing high-quality amenities for working and middle-class communities, Domos not only increases the potential for strong returns, but also improves the quality of life of its residents.


When done right, this dual focus creates a powerful feeling of home and community, and Domos was formed to capitalize on this collective truth.

Domos Coliving™ is dedicated to providing investment opportunities in a powerful and innovative asset class—ground-up apartment developments, and redevelopments, that are built and operated as co-living communities. This rapidly growing living style is distinctive in its ability to generate above-market ‘per square foot’ rents for the property while offering ‘per bed’ rents that maintain affordability for median income renters within these communities. Co-living investing offers the potential for strong returns in addition to providing attainable housing to thousands of Americans.

At Domos Coliving™, we care deeply about improving urban communities and are committed to providing a consistent affordable living option to existing residents while finding innovative solutions to avoid the pricing-out of residents or forcing them to relocate. With the mission of improving the lives of city-dwellers and creating value, our resources are tailored to workforce communities. From happy hours to transportation initiatives, and even financial literacy, our business model supports community building, tenant enrichment, and retention. Domos is focused on building efficient spaces that add value without pushing prices up by turning properties into one-of-a-kind, co-living spaces, with high-quality finishes and top of the line appliances. This innovative lifestyle ultimately saves renters over 20% relative to typical market prices.

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